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Acer New 15.6-inch Chromebook Ready For CES 2015


CES 2015 brings out new devices and Acer just revealed its new Chormebook as part of pre-event’s announcements. Acer Chormebook features a big 15.6 inch display and has a starting price tag of $249.99 in US. The new Chromebook comes with a number of hardware changes you can choose from, depending on what you need from it. First of all, you can choose between an Intel Core i3 or a Celeron processor, 16GB or 32GB SSD storage and 2GB of 4GB or RAM memory.

But one of the most interesting option to choose from is the display. You can go for a full HD Display with 1920×1080 resolution which will display vivid, clear photos and pictures with sharp and legible text. This display is made for wide viewing angles and reduces scrolling by bringing more content on the screen, making it perfect for games, movies and e-books.

The second option is an HD 1366X768 resolution display which aims budget customers who are using the Chromebook 15 for work rather than entertainment. But even the low budget display has anti-glare proprieties to minimize the amount of light reflected by the display for less eye strain, Acer making both displays Acer ComfyView.

Acer Chromebook 15 weights 4.85 pounds and is expected to be released at the beginning of summer even if no specific release date was revealed. In addition Acer revealed some updates for the old Chormebook 13, which featurea a 13.3 inch screen. Chromebook 13 will be available in two options, one with touchscreen display, with a price tag of $330 and the other model with non-touchscreen display, priced at $279.99.

As for a first impression of Acer Chormebook 15, the keyboard looks kind of squeezed between the two speakers which are placed on each side of the keyboard. Maybe it’s just an impression, don’t take it for granted, but in a couple of days we’ll see how good that placement is in therms of ergonomics. Otherwise, it looks good and we’re waiting for first impressions of it at CES 2015.

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