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Bumble’s new login lets we date and evasion Facebook’s information trap

Bumble’s prior offices in Austin, texas, famous as ‘The Hive’

Dating app Bumble has altered a login complement to assistance a 30 million-plus users equivocate Facebook. The new feature, that launches on Apr 17, lets users register and login though pity information with a embattled amicable network.

Like many other apps, including opposition Tinder, Bumble, that launched in 2014, used Facebook to speed adult and facilitate a routine of registration and login. First time users common their Facebook form with Bumble, that alien their name, age, propagandize or function and photos to build a profile.

This elementary act gave Bumble entrance to Facebook comment information, including, according to a remoteness policy, “your friends list, attribute status, stream plcae and friends we have in common with other Bumblers”. Bumble also used a information on Facebook – including friends, photos and “likes” – to compare a users with intensity partners.

At a same time, Facebook gained insights into a poise of Bumble’s users and a mobile app economy. For Bumble, this seemed like a tiny cost to compensate – until new revelations about Facebook raised questions about a reserve of private information on a platform. Despite a change, people can still login to Bumble regulating their Facebook account.

Five highlights from Mark Zuckerberg’s Congress testimony


Five highlights from Mark Zuckerberg’s Congress testimony

“Many of a users and impending users asked for an choice registration method,” says Louise Troen, Bumble’s VP of International Marketing and Communications. “As always, lenient a users to make connectors is a series one priority and we wanted to continue to safeguard a users felt protected while doing this.”

Bumble’s new registration lets users login with their phone series instead of a amicable profile. Other dating apps concede phone series registration but, according to Bumble, “still share information with Facebook.” Bumble’s new registration routine bypasses a amicable network altogether.

Of course, a doubt is: will users consider a additional bid of is uploading their possess information value it to equivocate Facebook? Only time will tell. “We demeanour brazen to saying a impact primer login will have,” says Troen.

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