Tuesday , August 22 2017
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How to flash Android Oreo on your Nexus or Pixel

At today’s big Eclipse-centered event, Google formally took the veil off of Android 8.0 Oreo. After several preview builds, the final, stable version is now preparing to land. While it shouldn’t take very long for the update to formally hit select Nexus and Pixel devices, but for those that don’t …

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Google could launch Google Assistant-powered headphones

Codenamed “Bisto,” these Google Assistant-powered headphones are mentioned throughout the latest Google app APK. Will AI assistants spark renewed interest in wearables? Will AI assistants spark renewed interest in wearables? Thanks to 9to5Google’s new APK teardown of the Google app, we now know that the search giant might be preparing …

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Data: Will exploding phones hurt the Note 8 launch?

The Galaxy Note 8 is almost upon us and while there’s certainly the familiar release excitement in the air, there’s that niggling feeling in the back of many minds about how people are going to reactive to the successor to Samsung’s infamous exploding smartphone. As much as we all want …

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