Saturday , April 21 2018
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Google wants to reinvent instant messaging (again)

Yet another desperate attempt from Google? Let’s start at the beginning. At the very beginning, there were dinosaurs. Then there were text messages. Later, there were instant messengers. Google had a foot in it, then it tripped and has had trouble getting up. It may have used Google Allo and …

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Don’t do these 7 things when buying a smartphone

Don’t fall for the advertisements There it is, in the newspaper you’re reading or in the commercial break of your favorite TV show. A perfect shot of a beautiful smartphone spinning in great lighting. Choreographed dancers, celebrities and everyday people fawning over the device in every scene. Ads are here …

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Facebook tries to dodge privacy regulations for most users

The GDPR, a set of laws governing what  kind of data tech companies can collect on users, requiring explicit opt-in consent from users as well as more transparency when it comes to breaches, goes into effect on May 25th, 2018. But why would European law apply to Facebook users outside of …

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The new Moto G6 are official, there’s no more secrets!

Jump to: Design and finish  Technical specs Release and price New Moto G6 adopts the trendy 18:9 format The Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play have almost no secrets anymore. Motorola has opted for the 18:9 display format, however, it hasn’t decided not to follow the current trend: none of …

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The Room: Old Sins finally arrives on Android

Old Sins has the player on the trail of a precious artifact believed to be the key to a mysterious disappearance. To find it, you’ll have to explore disturbing places, puzzle through obscure clues and operate bizarre devices to uncover the secrets of Waldegrave Manor. The previous installments of The Room …

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The Honor 10 is official: a more affordable P20?

P20 in front, Honor 9 at the back (with a bit more color) Honor 10 can be defined in two ways because of its design. At first, you might describe it as ‘yet another iPhone X clone’. Yes, the similarities are there and are undeniable because of the controversial notch, …

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