Saturday , January 20 2018
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Alexa needs to shut down sexual harassment by shutting down

Amazon has changed the way Alexa responds to suggestive and abusive language aimed at her, in response to outcries following the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment. While her new response is admirable, I think there’s another way she can correct her harassers: by denying them her services. Quartz reported on a …

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Clever coder uses AI to make disturbingly cool music videos

What happens when you take a perfectly good neural network and, figuratively, stick a screwdriver in its brain? You get melancholy glitch-art music videos that turn talking heads into digital puppets. A machine learning developer named Jeff Zito made a series of music videos using a deep learning network based …

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2018 is the year TVs became really interesting again

For all the buzzwords surrounding television, I’ve feel like TVs have been kind of boring for a while. I’ve attended CES four years in a row, and it seemed each event basically refreshed the same basic units with only mildly tangible improvements. Sure, I’d ogle at the bombastic displays setups …

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Stop doing this.

I can’t stress how much I despise these browser pop-ups. I see them all the time, and put simply, they’re ruining the Internet. Every site that uses them fundamentally undermines their readability, and makes me never want to go back. News sites don’t need to know my location. And nobody …

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