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Elephone S7 opposite a new Smartisan Nut Pro: Which is better?

Elephone S7 has been on a marketplace for a while now, and nonetheless a association is prepared to recover some new and sparkling models, it still stays a large hit. Smartisan on a other hand, usually recently expelled Smartisan Nut Pro that follows a same principal as a S7 with no bezels on a sides and 5.5″ display. Also, their pattern is not most different.

Elephone S7

That said, a winding 2.5 potion on a Elephone S7 arrangement is some-more gentle in palm as winding design, detached from being some-more pleasing to a eyes, it’s some-more user accessible in general. Both inclination competition a 5.5″ display, nevertheless, a self-existent borders on a S7 creates it smaller than Nut Pro. On a program side, Elephone S7 will be using Android 7.1 soon, while a refurbish report for a Smartisan is different for a time being.

Elephone S7

The Helio X20 S7 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of inner storage is now on offer and sells for usually $179.99. To locate a understanding on time, go here!

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