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From cases to cars: a best products to buy in Pantone’s 2017 colour of a year

Gem Uranium

Perfect for your Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, this hand-blown prohibited clear barware was combined by Czech engineer Martin Jakobsen. Uranium oxide is combined to a potion before melting, so it glows underneath UV light. The potion exhibits snippet levels of deviation – in contrariety with some of a strange 20th-century Vaseline Glass, that contained adult to 25 per cent uranium. £67

Mercedes AMG GT R

Sharpest collection in a box: a best slicers, snippers and clippers

When even a colour – Green Hell Mango – references a Nürburgring, we know you’re in for a truly track-focused drive. The four-litre, twin-turbo V8 produces 577bhp and a tip speed of 317kph with 0 to 99kph in 3.6 seconds. Its lightweight aluminium cessation can be practiced manually. Electronic damping and differential handling on a back spindle tames a horsepower. £140,545

Feld Volk Emeraude iPhone 7

Customisation dilettante Feld Volk has remade this iPhone 7. It has been given a covering of relict-wood veneer with a DLC-coated titanium frame, anodised buttons and a intense turquoise potion panel. Impressively, a phone’s strange weight (138g) and measure are preserved, notwithstanding a additions. £2,238

Simple mobile phones and underline handsets put to a test

Bisque Lissett Aluminium Radiator

Designer radiators can miss a aloft feverishness outlay of normal forms. But Bisque, a organisation famous some-more for trad Victorian-style reproductions than innovation, has combined this one from recycled aluminium, that heats adult faster than expel iron. Low-profile tubing means it also uses reduction prohibited water. From £549

BO Play Form 2I

Created in 1983 and combined to a permanent collection during MoMA in New York in 1992, these ultra-light headphones are an undisputed pattern classic. The froth ear-cover competence demeanour dated, though a headphones themselves offer sound with startling clarity, generally during this price. They have also been updated to embody an in-line mic and controls. £109

Üutensil kitchen gadgets

Finally, a code severe Joseph Joseph in a funky, cross-functional-homeware department. The UK group behind üutensil’s kitchen apparatus have a mind for a unsentimental and an eye for a pretty. Stirr, the involuntary vessel stirrer (above, right), puts an finish to wrist fatigue. £5.99 to £16.99

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