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Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen will be Bluetooth-enabled magic wand

On the front, the smartphone will have the usual Super AMOLED panel slightly curved at the sides, most likely with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels and a diagonal of 6.3″. Once again, there is the 3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type-C and the ever-present S-Pen.

The only innovations visible from this render are on the back of the smartphone. The cameras would change slightly in layout, although still aligned horizontally, and the fingerprint reader will move underneath underneath them. The shape of the fingerprint reader leaves us a bit perplexed, as has already happened on the Galaxy S9, but only an in-person test can remove any doubt about the comfort and speed.

A case manufactured on the basis of the latest renderings of the Galaxy Note 9 shows the new positioning of the fingerprint reader. As with the Galaxy S9, it is now located below, which makes it easier to use

It remains to be seen whether Samsung will also offer a fingerprint reader under the screen on its device. This particular option is one of the most hotly anticipated innovations by smartphone fans, but Samsung has a very cautious approach to integrating the new technology, preferring to take its time to perfect it before rushing to market.

Will there be a new physical button?

According to the Korean Herald, the Galaxy Note 9’s new button will appear on the lower side of the phone. This lines up with an earlier image leaked by Android Headlines purporting to show a protective case with five cutouts for buttons instead of four.

We don’t know exactly what this button will be used for but the Herald notes that Samsung recently filed a trademark for “perfect capture technology”,  suggesting that the button could either be a camera shutter key or a shortcut to perform a screenshot.

The current screenshot method on Samsung phones is kind of awkward. Either you have to press power and volume-down, or drag the side of your hand across the screen. I know that the former method especially tends to lead to accidentally adjusting the volume instead.

But perhaps this potential “perfect capture” button could do more than capture simple screenshots. There are plenty of features that could do with a fast button shortcut, such as to quickly activate slow motion video, or perhaps Samsung is making a bid for the now trendy market of mobile gamers, with a button for on-screen recording to capture gaming sessions.

So is it a new button or not?

Not everyone is convinced by the Korean report. Notably both Ice Universe and Steve H, both reliable smartphone tech leakers on Twitter, have called it out the “button” as nothing more than a lanyard holder.

One thing’s for sure, as soon as the new Galaxy Note 9 gets within reach of our fingertips, our digits will be all over it to find out the truth. What’s the worst that could happen? Perhaps Samsung has integrated a second Bixby button, because the first one isn’t easy enough to accidentally trigger.

At last! The Note 9 may have a fingerprint reader in the display

A report from the Korea Herald on March 22 had information apparently from an industry source, informing them of three to four different options that Samsung Display is developing to implement the fingerprint sensor inside the main display. This explains the delay in the finalization of the Note 9 concept due to its efforts with this technology. According to its source, a final decision will be made towards the end of this month. 

“Samsung Display has prepared three or four solutions for Samsung Electronics to embed the fingerprint sensor inside of the main display, and both are seriously considering one of the solutions”

It does make sense that Samsung will use the technology in its new addition to the Note series, in order to make it stand out from competitors such as Huawei, which will be presenting its new smartphones at the end of the month. With no outstanding new design or feature choices in the S9, a move like this from the brand is overdue. In our interview with Mark Notton, it was revealed that the technology simply wasn’t ready in time for the S9 launch, and they prefer to test it thoroughly first.

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