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Google I/O 2017: all a highlights from a tech giant’s developer conference

Google’s annual developer discussion is holding place in Mountain View, California. Like other heading tech companies, a organisation is regulating a eventuality to announce what it’s been operative on in a past year and give a glance during what’s to come.

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In 2017, a Google I/O eventuality is regulating for 3 days and it’s approaching a association will exhibit a latest practical existence advances, updates to mobile handling complement Android and also a swell on synthetic comprehension products.

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Here’s what Google announced during a conference:

AI chips

In Dec 2016, Google publicly revealed how it was regulating specifically designed synthetic comprehension chips to urge a interpretation services. The latest versions of a Tensor Processing Units, that it uses for appurtenance learning, were announced during a I/O event. The chips were used during Google DeepMind’s historic Go victory.

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The new section has been designed to be means to hoop appurtenance training training and a organisation says it is means to broach 180 teraflops of performance.

Smart respond in Gmail

All Gmail users are now means to use a appurtenance training complement that reads messages and suggests replies. For instance, if a doubt is asked within an email a complement will suggest a response. The underline was initial launched on Google Inbox though has now been expanded. The intelligent respond complement will be accessible in a iOS and Android Gmail apps.

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Google Lens

The Silicon Valley organisation is also branch a synthetic comprehension to cameras. It says that in a destiny cameras will be means to mislay neglected equipment from perspective (see a twitter above). In addition, a camera facilities being introduced underneath a Google Lens ensign will be means to brand what is in an picture and yield additional information. Google says indicating a camera during a grill will be means to uncover reviews, after a AI identifies a restaurant.

Assistant on iPhone

Google is stepping on Siri’s doorstep with a new app for iPhones. Its [link url=””]Google Assistant[/link] personal AI will be accessible as an iPhone and iPad app for a initial time. The Assistant was initial announced final year and has usually been on Google Home, a Google Pixel and a operation of other Android phones.

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As good as this, Google pronounced a Assistant will be means to be used in opposite languages. From after this year it will be accessible in French, German, Brazilian, Portuguese and Japanese.

Google Home is now accessible in a UK – we put it to a test

Google Home

Google initial announced a Google Home device during a 2016 I/O; this year it has updated a program capabilities it has. Starting in a US – and entrance to a UK during an unannounced date – a Home device will now be means to send pull notifications for apps that are postulated permission.

It will also be incited into a hands-free phone with voice job enable. Calls will be personalised formed on a voice of a chairman asking. The Home device will also be means to pull formula (such as YouTube videos) to connected phones and TVs that have Chromecast inclination connected.

Android O

In April, Google announced a arriving chronicle of a Android handling system. At a time of a initial proclamation Android O was usually in a developer preview, during Google I/O a association announced it would be accessible to beta testers today. Find out how to turn a beta tester on Android here. The full chronicle of Android O (with an central name) will be expelled after this year.

Virtual reality

As distant behind as as February 2016 it was rumoured that Google was operative on a standalone VR headset. At I/O Google it reliable it was operative on wireless, self-contained headsets and that they’d be launched in ‘late 2017’. Google combined it is operative with both HTC and Lenovo on dual headsets though that’s about all a association has revealed. There’s no pricing, specifications, or even cinema of a VR headsets yet.

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