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Honor 10 review: OnePlus has something to worry about

Honor 10 camera

The Honor 10 has three cameras, with two in the back and one in the front. The dual camera has a color and a monochrome sensor with 24 and 16 megapixels and an aperture of f/1.8, while an additional 24 megapixel lens and an aperture of f/2.0 is responsible for selfies. Both cameras can record videos in UHD with 4K. The camera app has been slightly modified compared to the previous Honor devices and is no longer identical to the Huawei app. The most striking change is the AI switch, which switches the additional functions of the camera software on and off. Huawei hides this option in the menu.

The image quality on the Honor 10 was above average in our test. The pictures have rich colors and are generally well exposed. There’s also a richness in the detail. If you zoom in closely, you will see that the software helps you quite a bit and makes the images sharper, but that won’t bother you when you look at the photos.

IMG 20180506 112655
The Honor 10 really takes beautiful photos. / © AndroidPIT
IMG 20180514 134446
The photos are characterized by the amount of detail and low image noise. / © AndroidPIT
IMG 20180514 125243
If the AI detects flowers, the colors are enhanced. / © AndroidPIT

An important ingredient for the Honor 10 camera is the AI functions. The phone can recognize 500 designs from 22 categories and set the parameters accordingly. And not only that, because the smartphone adapts different areas, such as a person’s face, the sky and the tree next to it. Honor has fed its software with 100 million photos so that it always recognizes the right subject and reacts accordingly.

The AI effects can be removed afterwards

In our test, this usually works well. The content of the images are accurately recognized. But here and there, however, the AI overshoots the mark. Colors are especially often over-emphasized and can look unnatural. The good thing is that the AI mode can still remain switched on since the automatic corrections can be undone in the gallery by clicking on the AI icon. This isn’t possible with the P20 series from Huawei.

There are also new AR effects, which Honor has put in a new camera mode. You can, for example, put on some virtual rabbit ears or conjure up the background of a tropical island. Admittedly, that sounds a bit silly, but it’s fun. There are also artistic filters available.

IMG 20180509 134348
Artificial intelligence was made for photos like this! / © AndroidPIT
IMG 20180514 134516
You can also take normal selfies. / © AndroidPIT

Selfies benefit from the high resolution and display many details. The beauty mode, which is active by default, is just as much a matter of taste as the artificially created lighting effects. The front camera cannot produce as strong of a bokeh effect as the main camera.

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