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Huawei Announces May 23 as Launch Date for New MateBook

Yesterday, Huawei announced around a central Twitter comment that it has an eventuality scheduled for May 23. The eventuality that will reason in Berlin during 1400hrs CEST is for a new Huawei MateBook.

This year Huawei will be rising 3 MateBooks. The initial is a MateBook E that is some-more like a 2-in-1 and a approach inheritor to a strange Huawei MateBook. The MateBook D and MateBook X underline a normal clamshell design. However, a MateBook D appears to have a thinner and some-more veteran look. They will also differ in terms of estimate power, shade size, storage and RAM configuration.

One of a MateBooks was speckled on Geekbench final month with 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core-i5 processor. The other dual inclination are also rumored to be powered by Kaby lake processors. We will have to wait compartment subsequent week to find out a pricing sum and availability.

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Asides a MateBook launch, Huawei’s sub-brand also has a garland of products scheduled to launch on May 23. One of a inclination is pronounced to be a Honor 9. This is substantially a Chinese launch as it has been reliable that it will launch on Jun 27 in Europe.

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