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Huawei P20 Lite: new hands-on video shows all

And if the video is too short for you, you can take a closer look at the P20 Lite in these leaked photos from Weibo:

huawei p20 lite
An elegant smartphone design. / © Weibo

The debut will be at the end of March

As we know, Huawei has forgone showcasing the new flagships at MWC 2018 in Barcelona, opting instead for their own event in Paris at the end of March. There we should should find out everything about the P20 range’s specifications, price and availability. Given Huawei’s ambitions to conquer the world, let’s hope we can see this one become available in the US this time around!

Previous design leaks: Top-range design, notch on top

The photos, coming courtesy of Spanish language tech magazine ComputerHoy, show off many details that could confirm your hopes—and fears—about the upcoming Huawei handset.

huawei p20 lite front
The front of the Huawei P20 Lite. / © ComputerHoy

One of the first things that leaps out is the presence of an iPhone X-style notch on the top of the screen. This is hardly surprising, since where Apple goes, rivals are sure to follow. Nonetheless a notched screen remains quite a divisive design choice, even if it’s just a logical consequence of the trend towards ever-receding bezels. Another similarity to the iPhone is present—what looks to be a face recognition module just under the top end of the screen.

On either side of the notch, we see tabs showing information about the time, battery life, etc.

The display is in the now must-have 18:9 aspect ratio and measures approximately 5.8 inches, with rounded corners reminiscent of the LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S8. Interestingly, the front button is nowhere to be found. Despite being a ‘Lite’ version, the Huawei P20 Lite is still somewhat larger than the Huawei P10, with dimensions of around 148 x 71 x 7.2 mm.

Photo showing a dual camera and notch

Again, Evan Blass has provided us with the gossip: a photo apparently showing the P20 lite. Forgetting about the excitement surrounding the triple camera for now, as the P20 will come in two other versions besides the Pro, and the Lite is looking promising with its design and specifications. 

Above you can see the love-it-or-hate-it notch, the dual camera which was not initially integrated into the Lite version, and it looks like there will be both a headphone jack and a USB Type-C adapter. 

The specs initially released by Evan Blass were partially correct, but in some parts were too good to be true. They will in fact be 3000mAh rather than 3520mAh, as you can see in the information provided by Vodafone. This is more realistic considering the latter would be even more than the S9 and the S9+ are packing. 

No triple camera on the P20 Lite

Looking at the rear shots, the model has a very pale pink finish (the rumored ‘Sakura Pink’, most likely), confirming at least one of the available color options, though it has been confirmed that a black finish will also be available, and probably a blue one too. Accordingly to Computerhoy, the back has a glass finish, though it is difficult to tell for sure.

huawei p20 trasera bspline
Two good eyes are all you need. / © ComputerHoy

One thing’s for sure, the Huawei P20 Lite does not appear to have the rumored triple camera that may instead be reserve for the more high-tech versions of the family such as the P20 Pro. Instead we see a vertically mounted dual camera in the top left corner, and just below the Flash LED and “Hybrid Zoom” inscription, a feature we already know from the Huawei P10 camera.

Then there’s that circular fingerprint sensor in the center. This, along with the face scanner on the front, will give users different options to quickly unlock the phone with biometric ID from either side. 

A clearer look at the good ol’ headphone jack

As we mentioned, next to the USB C connector there’s good news for fans of the headphone jack, the trusty 3.5 mm output is present, at least on the P20 Lite. As for the bigger P20 sisters, they will probably be more trendy and ditch the jack altogether. 

huawei p20 lite bottom side bell
You can hold on to your headphones. / © ComputerHoy

Looking along the edges, we can see a USB Type-C connector on the underside of the smartphone, which hints at a quick charge compatibility, though we can’t really tell anything about the battery from the images. 

The sides of the phone have an attractive metallic finish and a rounded design for an easy grip. On the right side we find the volume and power buttons, while on the left there’s the tray for two SIM cards or a SIM card and a micro SD card.

Technical specs leaked by Vodafone

The existence of the P20 Lite has been confirmed by none other than Vodafone, one of the world’s biggest mobile carriers, with a list of technical specifications. We can even see the price listed in the catalog, which is €369 euros (around $452.99 or £328). 

huawei p20 lite vodafone 001
Smaller battery than hoped, but there aren’t any surprises here / © Engadget (ES)

The double camera is confirmed, with 16 and 2 megapixels on the back and one 16 megapixel camera for selfies. It will have an SoC with octa-core CPU (most likely the Kirin 659), 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. It’s packing a 3000mAh battery (smaller than we read in the previous leaks) and has a fullHD+ 5.84 display.

From the image in the catalog we can’t confirm whether or not it will have the notch, but given the latest trends, it could be likely. 

P20 Lite: technical specifications

What do you think? Does the Huawei P20 Lite look tempting to you? What do you expect from the specifications?

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