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In Westworld part 8, a uncover finally finds the heart

Well, that packaged an romantic punch. Taking a mangle from final episode’s reason deluge, this latest part goes in-depth on Ghost Nation – a puzzling organisation of embellished warriors that had always lurked usually on a corner of Westworld.

If we haven’t got a thought what’s going on, we can review a recaps of thoughts on episodes one, two, three, four, five, six and seven. Now you’re adult to speed, WIRED’s Andy Vandervell and Matt Reynolds will get to grips with Ghost Nation and part eight.

Be warned, this essay contains poignant spoilers for all a episodes of Westworld

Ghost Nation are full of surprises

Matt Reynolds: This part was a bit of a change of pace, wasn’t it?

Andy Vandervell: It was a many personal. It still had a normal Westworld mindfuck moments as we try to square together a strands of clues, nonetheless many of all it was about relationships, including (to a obtuse degree) Lee’s attribute with Maeve and his guilt.

MR: And we also finally found out what creates Ghost Nation tick. The organisation had always been sneaking on a margins of Westworld, nonetheless this was a initial part they – and privately Akecheta – were fleshed out into fully-formed characters. And his backstory told us some engaging things about how sentience emerges in hosts…

AV: Yes, and it’s unequivocally interesting. We now see that Akecheta achieved his sentience simply by living. He never died, so he never had himself updated and he shielded his memories. Over time, those memories led him to doubt his reality. Or, to put it another way, hosts can grasp sentience by believe rather than due to some kind of update, like a reveries that led to Maeve and Dolores achieving their independence.

MR: And Akecheta’s tour to sentience started when he stumbled opposite a figure of a obstruction usually after a initial Westworld electrocute that killed Arnold. Like we say, this is a initial time we’ve found out that hosts can acquire sentience all by themselves.

What did we make of Akecheta’s run-in with Ford?

AV: It was engaging because, for once, Ford seemed rather astounded by what Akecheta had achieved. Normally, Ford has that all-knowing God like vibe, nonetheless he was astounded and tender by Akecheta. What meddlesome me most, though, was Dolores’ pretension of ‘Deathbringer’. When a name fits…

MR: Yeah, Ford says to Akecheta “when a Deathbringer earnings for me, we will know to accumulate your people.” So he’s teeing adult a large conflict between Dolores on one side, and Ghost Nation on a other. But since would Ford array Ghost Nation opposite Dolores, when he’s a one that set her on this trail of drop in a initial place?

AV: we don’t unequivocally see it like that. we consider it’s some-more a warning to shun when they can. He’s not observant “it’s time to quarrel Dolores” nonetheless “it’s time to get out of her way”. That’s my perception, anyway.

MR: Ahh, that creates a lot of sense. So Ford’s warning him that shit is about to go down, and hinting that this competence finally be their event to shun a park. we wish he would be a bit reduction cryptic…

AV: It’s a Westworld way.

Something else I’m extraordinary about was a structure Akecheta saw, that I’m presumption is a same one a immature William showed Dolores. He saw a door, we saw a portal from Stargate. Is this in fact a unequivocally desirous authorization crossover?

MR: we consider that we both know that it’s usually a matter of time before a initial part of WestGate hits a screens.

But seriously, we wish they have a good reason for all of those uncanny spires – we don’t have a thought how they describe to anything that Delos is adult to. Speaking of things we don’t have a thought about – where does that doorway lead to?

AV: Well, here’s a thing. Akecheta thinks it’s a doorway to a genuine world, or a ‘correct’ world, nonetheless he has no basement to trust that unless he remembers something we haven’t seen. We know, during least, that he’s been to a outward universe since he was a male that pitche Westworld to Logan in a bar. He, like Delores, is a really aged model.

MR: But there’s also a sight to a genuine world, and there’s always a probability of constructing a boat. If a hosts usually wish to shun Westworld, since don’t they go for one of those options?

Maeve pulls strings from her sickbed

AV: Because they have no source of what or where a genuine universe is. All they know is this isn’t it. To make a vessel to get off a island, initial we need to know you’re an island, that there’s a sea, that there’s something on a other side of a sea and that boats exist. That’s utterly a few hurdles.

Anyway, what about Maeve in this episode. She seem helplessly harmed in this episode, nonetheless she’s by no means passive. For a while we was assured a child was a immature Maeve until we twigged what was indeed going on.

MR: Essentially, Maeve is regulating a filigree network to speak to her daughter by Akecheta. It’s flattering propitious that Maeve and Akecheta have found any other – they’re substantially a dual many emotionally worldly hosts in a whole park. I’m guessing that Maeve will be happy that her daughter is with Akecheta now – nonetheless what do we consider her new thought is? To get him to take her daughter out of a park altogether?

AV: Sure, nonetheless we don’t consider we can count her out usually yet. I’m personally anticipating Lee Sizemore grows a spine and helps her shun as well. Westworld would be a tedious place though her.

MR: It was flattering touching when he shielded her opposite Delos’ engineers. we still don’t trust him to put anyone else before himself, though. Give him half a possibility and he’s on a initial vessel off a island.

William lives to expression another day

AV: Probably. It’ll be interesting, actually. The required thing would be for Lee to finally do a right thing, nonetheless maybe that’s not a indicate a writers wish to make with him? If anything, Westworld as about how we roughly never do a right thing.

Speaking of which, William and his daughter are reunited during a end. It seems she has plans…

MR: William: AKA a male who Will Not Die. I’m adhering with my story that William is indeed part-host since how can anyone take that many bullets and keep breathing?

But yeah, it seems like William’s daughter has some romantic woe prepared for her dad. Knowing William and clearly unconstrained ability to endure, and even enjoy, all kinds of suffering, what could his thought of ruin be? we consider he’ll be forced to listen to a Frozen soundtrack on repeat while trapped inside MM World.

AV: On a some-more critical note, we consternation if she’s connected to some kind of anti-Delos group. It seems extraordinary there wouldn’t be one and as a member of a Delos house she’s good placed to work opposite it.

MR: Ahh, that would make sense. Do we remember in a part she was introduced, Emily has a biography with all kinds of markers in it? That would advise some kind of inside believe of a park’s working, that is what we competence design from someone dynamic to move it down from a inside.

AV: Sounds like an intriguing indicate to understanding with in a next, penultimate part of deteriorate two. Bring it on!

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