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LG V30 model with improved AI technology will be revealed at MWC

What can we expect from LG at #MWC2018?

LG hasn’t gone into too much detail, but what is clear in the latest press release is that there will be a version of of the of the V30 in 2018, which could be named the V30+α or the V30s. LG states that it is its “most advanced flagship smartphone to date”, and we can now confirm that the rumors were true: LG has developed a V30 model with improved AI. And apparently, these features that will be presented at MWC are only the beginning, as LG continues to research these technologies as a key part of its long term strategy.

LG Vision AI

The main innovation of the LG V30 in 2018 is the presence of AI within the camera software, a function that we have already seen in Huawei’s smartphones. The features appear to be very similar. Basically, the camera has the ability to identify the landscape or object that you are taking a photo of, adapting the camera mode accordingly.

Portrait, food, animals, views, cities, flowers, sunrise and sunset: these are the eight shooting modes implemented in the smartphone. The software will take into account the viewing angles, colors, lighting reflections and saturation levels to decide the optimum way to capture the image. To determine this new algorithm, LG claims to have worked with a partner to analyze over 100 million images!

LG vision screenshot
We can’t wait to see the new camera software in action / © LG Newsroom

Another function that we will find in the new version of the V30 will be the recognition of objects. By touching an object in the viewfinder, the smartphone will be able to decide what it is and search for similar images, scan the QR code or suggest a best price for purchasing that particular item. A similar function can also be found in the Galaxy S8 camera, but we know that the results aren’t that great. Hopefully LG has done a better job.

In poor lighting conditions, it’s difficult to get a decent photo. LG have implemented a better system to increase the brightness of photos taken in low light or in the dark, which increases the light in the images by a factor of two.

LG AI Voice

LG has also increased the list of commands available through Google Assistant to change the camera settings without having to navigate through the options. The current commands have increased to 32 from 23, all of which are listed in the table below:

lg v30 2018 voice commands waifu2x photo noise3 scale tta 1
Will voice commands really be easier than using the traditional menus? / © LG Newsroom

The company clarified that the functions will not only be installed on upcoming smartphones, but will also be made available on some existing models through OTA updates. This will be based on the devices performance and features, in order to avoid slowing down and disrupting the user experience.

What are your thoughts on AI? Do you think of it as a buzzword or an interesting feature? We’re excited to learn more at MWC.

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