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Love outside adore your life: ioutdoor T1 starts singular presale for 999 units for only $35.99!

The ioutdoor T1 has finally entered a presale duration and it is a good one. The device is on Global presale for usually $35.99 and for 999 units. The activity will final for one week, from Oct 25th to Oct 31st. During a activity, we can get a possibility to win one for giveaway by pity a company’s official Facebook page.



Outdoor Geeks forlorn IP68 Professional waterproof and dustproof

ioutdoor T1

ioutdoor T1 facilities a general top insurance turn IP68. Not usually can it withstand drops adult to 2 meters high, though also can tarry diving into 1.5 meters low for 30 mins and well forestall dirt and silt get inside.

Stylish coming 360 grade Protection Design

ioutdoor T1

ioutdoor T1 sports a stylish pattern and in and with Bayer TPU and Shabite PC materials, it is imperishable adequate to withstand falls and drops. The Bayer TPU is used on all 4 corners and a black, red or yellow lines make we tumble in adore with it during initial sight.

Forget about charging

ioutdoor T1

With a 2100mAh battery ability and critical RD in power-saving techniques, it can grasp 1000 hours of standby, or 1320 mins of calling, or 2400 mins of song playback. So, we can lick goodbye to revisit recharging that extent your freedom.


High vigilance power keeps we protected always

ioutdoor T1

One of a many critical facilities of T1 is a high vigilance intensity, aloft than other outside phones (International Standard: 28db, T1: 32db). No matter if we are in a hollow or remote towns, T1 can yield we flawless calling.

T1 costs usually $35.99 during presale. After that, it will arise to $49.99. To learn some-more about a association and a products, revisit their official website. If we are interested, we can buy from a following stores: Gearbest, Coolicool, and Sunsky.


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