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Market analyst: iPhone 8 to be more attractive than Galaxy S8


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Nah I have a more reasonable reason

How about because Apple used the same design 3 times in a row and ow you all are thirsty for something new.

I mean look at Apple sales. Even though tge 4S sold more then the iPhone 4, one of rhe high selling points was a new design, after using tthe ge same design for 3 iPhone’s.

I think Samsung both benefits and hurts themselves using a sinikar deaign on so many phone.

They should onky have branded The S and Note as Galaxy devices. The Note is more than an S with a Pen, but was better when its bardware was ahead of the S sbowing they arw different.

Now that Samsung is trying to save money using the S hardware in the Note, the Note now seems like an s with a Pen.

Samsung could have branded their otyer phones using some other name, like they did with the ATIV.

Samsung needs to really deaign more often.

Now with this Infinity display, othen than resolution, the display is going nowhere for a while.

Samsung has peaked on design. tge edge was their ace in simply oit designing everyone. But they lost sple focus on software.

Samsung has to get better in downsizing their line and just have J, A and S, with each haing 3 models. Low, mid and highend for that group with thw S and Note being the top.

But since Sammie uses the S deaign in some form on Galaxy devices, the design gets stale quicker vs Apple who releases one phone a year. Samsung is forced to make a new design every year whichis expensive because machines have to ne retooled.

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