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Open Source Smartwatch Operating System AteroidOS Alpha 1.0 Released (video)


A new Linux formed open source smartwatch handling complement has been done accessible this week, that has been combined to reinstate a granted handling complement on some Android Wear smartwatches.

Offering a giveaway and open source choice that provides some-more control over remoteness as good as charity a series of singular facilities and of march an open source sourroundings permitting developers to enhance a functionality.

The new smartwatch handling complement is also able of respirating life into comparison hardware, and reviving some first-generation Android Wear smartwatches. The new handling complement plan was initial denounced behind in Jan 2016 and now a initial Alpha 1.0 build of AsteroidOS is now accessible to download. Check out a recover video next to learn some-more about what we can design from this new Android wearable handling system.

AsteroidOS is an open-source handling complement for smartwatches. This video reflects a state of AsteroidOS as of a recover Alpha 1.0 on a LG G Watch.


For some-more information on a new AsteroidOS burst over to a central website for sum by following a couple below.

Source: Liliputing : AOS



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