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Pre-Order BlitzWolf BW-BS0 Selfie Stick For Just $9.99 On Banggood

Designed to assistance we constraint a ideal shot in any environment, a BlitzWolf BW-BS0 is a rarely useful selfie hang for GoPro and sports cameras users. The extendable selfie hang allows we to adjust a length to offer your sundry needs.

While you’d customarily associate a high cost tab with a feature-laden selfie stick, it might seductiveness we to know that a BlitzWolf BW-BS0 has left adult for pre-order carrying a ignored cost of usually $9.99 on Banggood. This is a notable 29% rebate in a device’s strange offered cost of $13.99.

Before we hold some-more sum about this discount, let us take a demeanour during a meant facilities that make a BlitzWolf BW-BS0 an overwhelming selfie stick.

First off, a stretchable rod locking structure and a multi-angle mountain conduct let we adjust a length and angle to your liking. Moreover, a BW-BS0 is housed in an all-metal aluminum amalgamate physique so that it doesn’t mangle simply even if we incidentally dump it while capturing a noted moment.

On tip of that, a burning diagnosis adds an anti-corrosion component to a BW-BS0 selfie stick. This BlitzWolf-branded selfie hang is designed to fit a far-reaching preference of sports cameras (weighing adult to 500g) including GoPro.

The BW-BS0 is waterproof permitting we to constraint a monumental views during a low sea dive. These facilities make a BW-BS0 an ideal partner in impassioned sports like diving, skiing, sky-diving, and parkour.

On a downside, there were usually 50 pieces adult for pre-order temperament a ignored price. Note that you’d need to bombard out $11.99 if we skip a event to relief this discount; however, this cost will also be singular to usually 300 pieces.

The remaining 500 pieces will go behind to a sell cost of $13.99 so if you’re meddlesome in holding advantage of a discount, usually follow this link but wasting time.

Get 29% Off On BlitzWolf BW-BS0 Selfie Stick

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