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The association has only announced that as of Jul 2017 it has 60 million profitable subscribers. This is on tip of a 140 million listeners who aren’t peaceful to compensate for a ad-free reward service.

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Spotify has around double a series of subscribers of a closest competitors, according to new statistics. In Jun it was reported Apple Music had 27 million profitable subscribers and Amazon’s song use is pronounced to have around 16 million subscribers.

Now, on a behind of a subscriber announcement, Spotify is reportedly gearing-up to go public. According to TechCrunch a Swedish organisation is looking to sell shares by a approach listing. When a infancy of record firms are publicly listed on a batch markets, they customarily do this by an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Snap, a association behind Snapchat, was valued during $24 billion after a IPO.

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In April, a Wall Street Journal reported that Spotify was exploring a approach inventory instead of an IPO. This is expected by a start of 2018.

“A approach inventory allows a association to be listed on a sell but conducting an offering,” consulting organisation PWC says in a blog post. Essentially this means Spotify will only list a shares on a batch marketplace and concede investors to buy them – it won’t need to be underwritten by a Wall Street investment bank either. This means no fees will need to be paid to underwriting companies and there are fewer regulatory restrictions.

“While approach listings might have fewer mandate than a normal IPO, companies still face certain marketplace risks,” PWC says. “With IPOs, issuers, bankers and investors in a past few decades have combined a well-defined routine of execution.”

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