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The best sci-fi cinema to watch after Blade Runner 2049

Great sci-fi cinema understanding with a future, large ideas and (quite frequently) how something in space will try and kill you. If Blade Runner 2049 has reignited a passion of shining sci-fi, a list has something to keep it burning.

We’ll leave a arguments about what a best sci-fi cinema of all time are to someone else, so here are a best ones now accessible on UK streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime and on Now TV / Sky.

Best sci-fi cinema on Amazon Prime

For some-more observation options from Amazon, try a beam to a best shows on Amazon Prime.

Source Code

Source Code is a conduct scratcher in a best probable way. Jake Gyllenhaul plays Captain Colter Stevens, who has to regularly relive a final 8 mins of another man’s life in an try to forestall a militant attack. Quite how this happens and a implications are all partial of a poser we won’t spoil here, yet this is top-class sci-fi with an exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat premise. It’s destined by Duncan Jones, whose shining Moon is also in this list. It’s essential observation for any hardened sci-fi geek and it’s now available on Amazon Prime.


Christopher Nolan’s epic takes place in a worryingly tighten dystopian destiny where crops are shrinking and humankind contingency demeanour to apart planets for any possibility of survival. Matthew McConaughey acts his space boots off as an wanderer tasked with tracking down a intensity new home for a inhabitants of Earth. Backed adult by some sound science, with a some-more than a small artistic flair, this is value an afternoon in front of a TV. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.


Denis Villeneuve is science-fiction’s new hope and Arrival was a film that warranted him that tag. The Blade Runner 2049 director’s strike 2016 film stars Amy Adams as a linguist enlisted to interpret communications from aliens who have arrived on earth in large floating crafts.

A 94% Rotten Tomato rating says all we need to know about this meditative person’s sci-fi, that creates a unique Academy Award (for sound editing) all a some-more galling. Catch it on Amazon Prime Video now for initial and repeat viewings: it’s value both.

Citizen in a Temple

Citizen in a Temple is a flattering different brief sci-fi / fear film accessible to watch with Amazon Prime Video. Directed and created by Jason Huls, it centres around one male on a dried waste planet, a scientist who is both operative to safety life and conspiring to move down a big-brother like restraint of The Consortium. Yet another dystopian perspective of a universe that creates we shudder. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

The best sci-fi cinema on Netlix

These are a best sci-fi flicks now on Netflix. Also check out a best films on Netflix beam for some-more choices. And afterwards there’s a outline of a best documentaries on Netflix and best Netflix series to select from.


Rian Johnson is directing a arriving Star Wars film and his 2012 film Looper was what brought him mainstream recognition. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a Looper, a hitman who kills people sent behind in time from a destiny by rapist gangs who can’t dispose of bodies in their time. Also starring Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, it’s a fun and intelligent sci-fi film with a few mind tortuous tract points that mount adult to repeat viewings. Watch it on Netflix

District 9

This sci-fi thriller will blow we divided with a newness and overwhelming visuals, and is serve justification that we don’t need a large bill to be a hit. District 9, executive Neill Blomkamp’s debut, racked adult 4 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and has high ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

In a film, that is a clever metaphor for a horrors of a South African apartheid, Alien refugees land on Earth – usually to be removed from humans in a dive in Johannesburg, a place called District 9. After 30 years of outcast and forced labour, a supervision workman is unprotected to their biotechnology; and so a insurgency begins. Watch it on Netflix


If you’re not looking for a blockbuster, try this low-budget indie strike about time travel. Made with usually $7,000, this film was shot mostly in a director’s parent’s house, yet it still amassed a outrageous cult following and won a Sundance Grand Jury prize. It follows dual engineers who incidentally build a box that can take them behind in time, that they do – over and over again. This one is for fans of scientifically formidable discourse and plots that grill your brain.Watch it on Netflix.


This 2015 indie sc-fi anticipation film is another Sundance esteem winner. It presents an insinuate dystopian prophesy of a nearby destiny and big-city life. It’s not a special-effects fuelled film with large explosions, it’s most some-more focused on a characters and Gwen, a prime lady who is dismissed from her pursuit and, unfortunate for money, undergoes an initial medical procedure. Expect undertones of gender roles. Watch it on Netflix.

Best on Sky Cinema and Now TV

All these films are accessible with a Sky Cinema pass on Now TV and on-demand for Sky subscribers with a Cinema pack.

Children of Men

Given a new success of The Handmaid’s Tale, now’s a good time to revisit this classical dystopian sci-fi film with a identical theme. After 18 years of tellurian infertility, Children of Men sees a young, black newcomer with a spectacle pregnancy held between a hostile army of an rough anti-immigrant UK supervision and a immoderate pro-immigrant group, both focussed on claiming her child to allege their agendas.

Alfonso Cuarón leads masterfully, ideally balancing amicable explanation and play with implausible single-shot movement sequences. It’s accessible to stream on Now TV and Sky Cinema until Apr 2019.

Blade Runner

Now TV and Sky subscribers can revisit a strange Blade Runner for a singular time. It shouldn’t need most introduction, yet a 1982 underline from Ridley Scott formed on a novel from Philip K Dick stars Harrison Ford as a patrolman who hunts down refugee replicants, Androids who demeanour and (mostly) act like humans.

Smart sci-fi doesn’t get some-more iconic than this. Catch it while we can on Now TV and Sky Cinema. Before we do, though, review a in-depth talk with a executive of Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve.


Written and destined by Andrew Niccol, who would go on to write a Trueman Show, Gattaca is set in a destiny where eugenics is not usually accepted, yet encouraged. A database files a genetically mutated as “valids” and a naturally recognised as “in-valids”, a latter given no possibility in anything outward blue collar work.

Ethan Hawke plays Vincent, an in-valid with designs of travelling to space and focuses on his attribute with his “valid” hermit and his attempts to make it to a space by impersonating a circle chair firm current played by Jude Law. Gattaca is a courteous irritation on a implications of genetic selection, a blurb wave and a cult classic. You can watch it on Now TV and Sky Cinema.


Directed by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones, this low-key provide has a lot in common with 1972’s Silent Running. Sam Rockwell stars as a unique staff member on a lunar mining trickery on a apart side of a moon. With usually his drudge GERTY, uttered by Kevin Spacey, for company, he struggles with a waste as his three-year army draws to a close. Watch it on Now TV.


One of a really few films that indeed creates a success of a ‘found footage’ format, Cloverfield follows a organisation of immature New Yorkers and their try to rush a city following a harmful conflict from a enormous monster. Produced by J.J. Abrams and accessible to watch on Now TV, it’s a small cliched in places, yet shots of a visitor creatures are kept to a minimum, creation it honestly scary. Watch it on Now TV.

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