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The LG G7 ThinQ puts Google Assistant front and centre

Where do we go from here? It’s a doubt confronting a makers of top-end phones.

Samsung says, “What do we mean? We’re already here”, carrying done a Galaxy S9 so identical to a Galaxy S8. Huawei done confidant camera changes in a P20 Pro. And Apple’s iPhone X gave us a notch.

What about LG? The LG G7 ThinQ is a car for Google Assistant and, some-more appealing, a biggest hits gathering of LG’s new tip phones. Those looking for creation will find a preference of sanded-down and refinished mostly informed bits. But there are during slightest a lot of them.


The LG G7 ThinQ’s name alone suggests LG thinks a phone alone isn’t adequate to lift us in anymore. But what on earth is “ThinQ”?

LG says this is a new family that will strech opposite all sorts of products. TVs, audio tech, even soaking machines, will turn “ThinQ”. It doesn’t have anything to do with thickness, yet intelligence. This creates a central diction of “thin-Q”, rather than “think” all a some-more baffling.

LG hasn’t attempted to make a phone that writes your messages before we lift adult a practical keyboard, or pre-preemptively sequence mother’s day gifts behind your back, though. Like many uses of “artificial intelligence” in phones, a change in a LG G7 ThinQ is sincerely mundane.

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When we take photos with a behind cameras, it’ll brand 19 forms of stage elements. Like babies, people or food: all a good things that litters amicable networks like balderdash left on a beach. It will afterwards pre-emptively request picture settings and advise filters to make your eight-month-old demeanour additional like-worthy as it silently fills a nappy out of shot.

Huawei uses a same “AI” in a latest phones, regulating roughly a same techniques. If people like it, that’s great. However, tricks like this are during risk of apropos a homogeneous of one of those 90-percent syrup coffee confections. Doubling immature colour superfluity only since a LG G7 ThinQ spots an apple in a stage isn’t indeed a good idea.

We’ll have to see how LG’s camera AI plays out in a after test.

Google Assistant

A dedicated Google Assistant symbol is a other curtsy to synthetic comprehension in a LG G7 ThinQ. It sits on a left side of a phone, and LG worked with Google to exercise it.

One discerning press brings adult a Assistant. A prolonged press puts Assistant into walkie-talkie mode, creation it listen in though regulating a “OK Google” prompt. And, yes, if we don’t put confidence measures in place and incidentally glow this adult in your pocket, it will record your review and store it on Google’s servers.

This is Google’s answer to a question: where do we go from here?

Google wants us to use Assistant, ideally to a indicate where we forget how to do probably all though it. It’ll turn a live-in practical carer when shopping toilet hurl from a internal supermarket finally seems an impossibly fatiguing task.

LG told us a G7 ThinQ’s partner symbol will not be re-mappable during launch. We sensitively trust LG would like it to be. And we know many buyers would. But LG clearly wouldn’t wish to shoot a underline Google approaching considers this phone’s pivotal vital asset.

Pushing a Assistant this aggressively might seem discordant to what many of us want. But, then, a thought of a smartphone seemed somewhat absurd to many of us. Until it wasn’t.

LG has also attempted to give a G7 ThinQ Amazon Echo-like listening powers, with “Super Far Field voice recognition”. This doesn’t use a hulk array of far-field microphones like one of a digital partner speakers. The phone has twin mics, and appurtenance training techniques LG says it grown with Qualcomm to assistance a phone collect adult your voice from opposite a room.


Not all of a LG G7 ThinQ’s stand-out facilities are to do with intelligent home-related tech. There’s copiousness of a common Top Trumps one-upmanship, too.

LG says a phone’s 6.1-inch 3120 x 1440 shade can strech 1,000 nits brightness, and not only when displaying a tiny patch of white either. This is partial of a “boost” arrangement mode that can be switched on manually, or will do so automatically in unequivocally splendid conditions. The arrangement will demeanour clearer than many on unequivocally splendid days. Nothing wrong with that. The arrangement uses additional white sub-pixels to strech this turn of brightness.

LG also offers several ways to cover a bald spots left by a G7 ThinQ’s arrangement nick regulating a Second Screen feature. Like a P20 Pro, it can be blacked out. However, those after a comb-over some-more elaborate than Donald Trump’s can also use gradients and other textured patterns. Less than a year into a life of a notch, a approach to censor it is quick apropos a must-have for any notched phone.


Sound peculiarity is one of a some-more constrained reasons to buy an LG G7 ThinQ rather than another top-end phone. It has a Quad-DAC chipset used in a LG V30, a headphone jack and a rather surprising speaker.

What’s a Quad-DAC? This is simply a fancier chronicle of a hardware that translates digital audio into a analogue vigilance that reaches a headphones or speakers. It has an critical partial to play in unstable sound quality. This and a headphone jack make a G7 an apparent choice for audiophiles.

The orator is one of a LG G7 ThinQ’s silliest, yet many fun, features. LG calls it “Boombox”. The orator motorist deliberately vibrates a behind of a phone’s surrounding to pass quivering onto a intent on that it rests. This plan does indeed work, and even though it a LG G7 is loud. However, a hapless side-effect is a phone seems to hum in your palm as it plays music. Do we unequivocally wish that?


Other tools of a LG G7 ThinQ are familiar. Like a LG G6, it has a twin camera array. One has a normal lens, a other a 107-degree wide-angle one.

This time both have 16-megapixel sensors, adult from 13 megapixels final year. Both are 1/3.09-inch sensors with unequivocally tiny 1-micron sensor pixels. That’s routinely bad news for low-light picture quality.

However, LG claims to have distant improved low-light opening than a iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9, regulating a pixel-binning “Super Bright Camera” mode. This merges a outlay of mixed sensor pixels, sacrificing intensity fact for sensitivity.

The demos LG showed off seemed impressive. But it also seems doubtful it will be means to contest with a low-light mode of a Huawei P20 Pro, that is truly dynamic.


Now that potion and steel have reached a designs of some of a cheapest phones, there’s zero too sparkling to contend about a LG G7 ThinQ’s build. You get Gorilla Glass 5 on a front and back. It looks nice. There’s series-7000 aluminium on a sides. It feels nice.

There are 4 colours finishes. They all look, yes, nice. But potion and steel are no longer adequate of a pull on their possess to open purses. With a rather typical 3,000mAh battery size, audio and potentially pricing might be a pivotal appeals of a LG G7 ThinQ for a normal buyer.

LG had no cost sum or recover dates to announce during launch, yet phone networks are approaching to exhibit their possess prices imminently.

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