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The mobile app revolutionising medical entrance in Ghana

Elvin Blankson
Elvin Blankson

Elvin Blankson owner of GoPharma

2017 has been a pivotal year for Elvin Blankson, pharmacist and owner of GoPharma and a leader of a initial Sandoz HACk – Healthcare Access Challenge. For those who haven’t review a prior articles on this ‘challenge’ – Sandoz: it’s time to HACk healthcare – Sandoz HACk is a tellurian foe aiming to beget digital solutions from countries opposite a universe that assistance mangle down internal medical entrance barriers.

Out of scarcely 150 ideas from over 30 countries, Elvin’s smartphone app judgment tender a judges to turn one of 3 winners. GoPharma aims to bond lerned pharmacists in a city with untrained staff in farming comforts assisting people in farming Ghana advantage entrance to complicated medical advice.

This creation has been a prolonged time entrance for Elvin, who took his impulse from his practice during childhood, to his college preparation and beyond.

“When we was in propagandize in Ghana, many of a students took partial in a plan during a finish of a year,” explains Elvin. “We would go to farming areas to try and teach people about drug safety, and this is where we saw a lot of misery and miss of entrance to services such as healthcare.

“When we finished school, we did a Masters (degree) in Public Health, that taught me to consider creatively about how to solve inequalities in medical entrance and how to take on a broader perspective.

“This ‘broader perspective’ came from articulate to my friends, generally those who lived outward of my country,” continues Elvin. “They would phone me adult and ask me about their prescriptions, symptoms of illnesses they or their family have, and ask how to entrance medicine.

“This done me realize that if we can do this for people in a UK, a US, and other countries overseas, it contingency be easier for me to solve a problem of accessing medical in my possess country.”

And so, GoPharma was born.

By leveraging Ghana’s high smartphone penetration, Elvin and his GoPharma plan is assisting people to overcome a time-sensitive matter of traffic with illness. GoPharma aims to support technicians in farming areas to advantage recommendation from lerned pharmacists in a city, permitting patients to accept consultant recommendation locally. Without wanting to transport prolonged distances, a app enables them to lift on with their bland lives with small disruption.

Elvin Blankson
Elvin Blankson

Since winning a competition, GoPharma is being piloted around WhatsApp in 16 locations opposite Ghana. Elvin emphasises that it’s a patients that will unequivocally see a benefit.

“Each life that we hold with GoPharma is critical given we don’t know who or what that chairman will turn in a future, or who they are now,” he explains. “For example, if a remedy is indispensable in a farming area, a studious could finish adult watchful for 3 months to get information on a remedy and where to find it.

“However, if a remedy is indispensable in an area where GoPharma is active, a design can be sent to a pharmacist, who can afterwards call one of a wholesalers and within mins will accept a accessibility and cost of a drug. It doesn’t make clarity for people to go by a pain of watchful months for a remedy when that chairman is already in pain.”

And have there been any lessons schooled from a tour so far?

“Piloting a app has enabled us to see a opposite forms of requests being upheld and a movement in believe opposite technicians in Ghana,” explains Elvin. “It has highlighted how we can serve support and up-skill a technicians so they can yield a best caring to their patients, quite in remote areas.

Elvin Blankson in one of a 16 outlets he has piloted a app.
Elvin Blankson in one of a 16 outlets he has piloted a app.

“Thanks to Sandoz HACk, we have grown from an thought into a existence that is already assisting people in farming Ghana advantage entrance to complicated medical advice.”

Fiona Cook, Senior Manager, Global Corporate Responsibility Programs during Sandoz, visited Elvin as partial of a margin revisit with Sandoz comparison leaders to see how entrance to medical is improving during a internal turn and to catch-up with him on his tour with GoPharma given winning a foe in Mar 2017.

“As a curative company, we are not always certain where a hurdles exist and what they are, and this is because we set adult Sandoz HACk,” explains Fiona. “This foe is one of a many ways we’re perplexing to interrupt a medical space, and we’re so unapproachable to support Elvin, who is a good instance of someone seeking a right questions to solve health entrance hurdles in a building world, in his community.

“Sandoz HACk will be returning in 2018 and will be mouth-watering tellurian entrepreneurs, creators, and visionaries for amicable change to come brazen with digital solutions that mangle down internal medical entrance barriers.”

For some-more information on how Sandoz are assisting urge entrance to healthcare, revisit www.sandoz.com/makingaccesshappen

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