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The people have spoken: Google Pay is a-ok

As one might expect from a community of technology enthusiast, many were quite comfortable with Google Pay, although there were quite a few caveats raised.

The majority are fine with Google Pay. / © AndroidPIT

So even with an overwhelming majority using Google Pay or equivalent from Samsung or Apple, there’s still a big chunk of users who steer clear of it, whether out of distrust of Google or security concerns.

Some users like Mark G. still find it a nostalgic surprise when they actually use cash for something! There are even some benefits to contact-less payment beyond convenience – Dean L. commented that handing over a real credit card puts you at risk of skimmers, which isn’t an issue with Google Pay. But not everyone’s convinced…Albin Foro is careful not to have a ‘real me’ credit card relationship with Google services.

Are you happy using Google Pay? How often do you still use cash and card in everyday life?

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