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Tweet from OnePlus could be hinting at a blue OnePlus 3T

Currently, the OnePlus 3T is available with 64GB of internal storage in Gunmetal or Soft Gold. With 128GB of native storage, the phone can be purchased in Gunmetal only. But there might be a change coming to the color options for the handset. A tweet sent out by the smartphone manufacturer contains the date March 15th, 2017 written out in the American fashion (3/15/17). Underneath the date are the logos for OnePlus and Colette Paris. The latter is a fashion and accessory retailer.

The tweet reads, “Something is about to go down with @oneplus @coletteparis – stay tuned.” Considering that the image attached to the message was written in white with a blue background, there is speculation that a fashionable blue hued OnePlus 3T is on the way. Another possibility is that OnePlus might be teaming up with Colette Paris to sell a connected accessory, like a smartwatch or smart glasses.

There isn’t much time for guessing. By Wednesday, we should find out exactly what OnePlus and Colette Paris are up to.

OnePlus has something to announce on March 15th

source: @oneplus

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