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Uhans K01: The 1st IP68 device from Uhans will uncover adult during a Asia World-Expo

Uhans has announced it initial IP68 Smartphone and a initial of a KingKong Series, Uhans K01. As a imperishable phone, it sports a smart pattern and unsentimental features, such as long-lasting 5000mAh fast charging battery, 3GB RAM along with 32GB of storage and so on. What’s more, instead of a massive and unbending body, it sports ergonomic curves and lines that make a phone feel some-more gentle in hand.

uhans k01

Black and orange seem to be a standard elements of an IP68 smartphone and Uhans K01 is no exception. It is a military-standard imperishable device that not usually is silt and dust-proof, though also survives 5 meters underwater for 1 hour. Meanwhile, it is armed with reinforced Gorilla Glass, strengthened amalgamate support and rubber backplate, creation it roughly indestructible even when forsaken from 1.5m high. Fueled by a absolute 5000mAh battery it can final adult to 2 days of use and many importantly, it supports 5V/2A quick charging that reduces charging time.

uhans k01

The device runs on Android 7.0 and it is powered by MT6753 octa-core SoC. This, in further to a 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, make it a ideal device for multitasking. Also, on a camera department, there are dual Sony sensors: A 13MP one on a behind and a 5MP on a front that broach high fealty photos with offset saturation.

And now, Uhans will be displaying a K01 during a Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong, therefore, if we wish to take a initial try and see a rest of a product lineup as well, we can revisit Uhans during Booth 5H08 from 18 to 21 October.

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