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Update T-Mobile LG G3 D851 to Android 7.1 Nougat regulating CM 14.1 Nightly ROM


CyanogenMod team has expelled a initial central CM 14.1 Nightly builds for all a LG G3 T-Mobile edition.

Check a instructions listed in this post in sequence to learn how to successfully peep a new CM 14.1 Nightly build for your smartphone. The new tradition ROM brings tons of improvements and we can learn some-more about this recover here.

Note that Cm 14.1 is still in a “beta” stage, that means that we will find some errors and bugs while contrast it. Before starting a designation routine of this new tradition ROM we should check a instructions below:

  • use this educational usually with a T-Mobile LG G3 devices.
    – a indication series of your smartphone has to be a D851.
    – check a chronicle of your phone underneath Settings About Phone.
  • don’t use this educational for any other opposite Android devices.
  • your T-Mobile LG G3 phone has to be secure and it should run a latest chronicle of TWRP Custom Recovery image.
    – make certain to ascent a commissioned tradition Recovery to a latest version, so that it supports a designation of a code new Android 7.1-based tradition ROM.
  • in a educational partial of this post we can find dual additional stairs like NANDROID Backup and a Factory Reset ones.
    – a NANDROID Backup creates a finish duplicate of your phone’s complement partition, and it can be used in box a new CM 14.1 Nightly ROM doesn’t foot in normal mode.
    – a Factory Reset routine will clean a complement partition, though it won’t undo any information from inner storage.
    – Factory Resetting a device will concede your smartphone to foot routinely after a tradition ROM is flashed successfully.
  • if we need to save any files from commissioned apps we can use a Helium app.
  • this is a beam for modernized users, we can't be blamed in box we territory a phone nor in box we remove any information files in a process.
  • check a battery assign turn of your device and make certain that there is during slightest 50% assign left before a smartphone powers off completely.

Since you’ve review all that we can now get to a engaging partial of this post and learn how to peep a new tradition ROM.

How to implement CyanogenMod 14.1 Nougat Nightly ROM for T-Mobile LG G3 D851:

  1. Download a CM 14.1 Nightly zip for “d851” from here.
  2. Download Gapps for Android 7.1-based ROMs from here.
  3. Now we can pierce both zip files to your phone’s inner storage.
    – undo a phone from PC after all files are successfully copied to your device’s inner storage.
    – do not unzip these files.
  4. Power off a device.
  5. Now foot it in Custom TWRP Recovery Mode.
  6. First we need to use TWRP Recovery in sequence to emanate a NANDROID Backup for a commissioned ROM. Select ‘backup’ options menu and afterwards select a complement files we wish to save.
    Confirm a backup and continue to a subsequent step when done.
  7. Start a FACTORY RESET routine by drumming on a ‘WIPE’ menu. Confirm process.
  8. Now we can implement CM 14.1 Nougat Nightly ROM on your T-Mobile G3 phone. Press INSTALL.
  9. Find and bucket a CM 14.1 Nightly zip for D851 inclination in TWRP. Confirm flashing process.
    – don’t press any buttons until all a new firmware files are finished installing.
  10. When a new tradition ROM is flashed with success we need to implement a Gapps zip, too.
  11. After all a new files are finished installing we can reboot your LG G3 phone in normal mode.

These were a stairs that we had to take in sequence to finish a CM 14.1 Nightly designation routine for your device.

You can continue upgrading a commissioned CM 14.1 Nougat ROM with destiny new builds by regulating a CyanogenMod Updates menu, now found underneath a About Phone section.

In box we need any additional assistance completing this guide, afterwards we should us in comments.

Also, in box a designation of CM 14.1 fails, or your phone doesn’t foot with a new tradition ROM, afterwards we will be forced to repeat a whole educational some-more than once.

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