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Was Lei Jun Wearing The Mi Band 3 At The Black Shark Event?

The Mi Band 3 has been in a news newly with Xiaomi pronounced to be prepping a device for launch. A integrate of leaks have emerged indicating during a approaching facilities a next-generation Xiaomi aptness rope would pack. Xiaomi VP Wang Xang had also reliable that a next-gen aptness tracker will launch this quarter. Now, we might only have speckled a initial genuine print of a Mi Band 3  adorning a palm of no reduction a chairman than Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO.Xiaomi Mi Band 3Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The print of Lei Jun was prisoner during a launch of a Blackshark Gaming phone that Xiaomi has vested interest. On his left palm is a aptness rope that looks really most like a Mi Band 2 solely that it is bigger. There are speculations that this a Mi Band 3 though we can’t contend for sure. This could as good be a aptness rope from another manufacturer though we severely doubt that.

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the Mi Band 3 is approaching to adopt a same pattern as a Mi Band 2 and according to leaked details, a device should come with a touchscreen arrangement and gesticulate support. Thus, a bigger arrangement distance isn’t out of place.  The device is approaching to be announced any time from now. We might even see it during a Apr 25 eventuality Xiaomi has been teasing repeatedly.


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