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WatchOS 4 shows Apple is lagging behind on artificial intelligence

The staff on the website Wareable tested out the beta version of the WatchOS 4. They were able to check out some of the updates like the new Siri face (Apple’s AI assistant). According to the site: “Apple has finally realized Google Now is pretty neat, and while it’s been enhancing the iPhone with similar features for some time, the Siri face brings those contextual updates to the forefront of the watch.”

C’mon Apple, Android Wear users have been using this type of feature since 2014!

As you can check out in the video below, during the unveiling of the new features on WatchOS 4, Apple vice-president of Technology Kevin Lynch confirmed that now “Siri offers the information you need, when you need it.” This was pretty much Google Now’s slogan at the time of its launch, and it still is now that it’s been turned into Google Assistant.

Don’t get me wrong, the Siri face on Apple Watch is very well-designed. It can even show photos, which is something Android Wear can’t yet. But design, both of hardware and software, is Apple’s area of expertise. Obviously, AI isn’t.

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