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Xiaomi Mi A1 Could be a Next Android One Smartphone

Google had introduced a Android One plan in 2014 to move batch Android knowledge and budget-friendly smartphones for building markets. At a beginning, Android One phones gained some popularity, though all a sparkle out around died out. The Redmi 3S, Redmi 4, Redmi Note 3 and Redmi Note 4 smartphones from Xiaomi are utterly famous in building markets. Fresh information advise that Google might be operative with Xiaomi to launch a new Android One smartphone.

In a prior month, Xiaomi had launch a Xiaomi Mi 5X smartphone. Currently, it is usually accessible in China. However, a gossip indent has been speculating that it would be entrance to other markets. The Xiaomi Mi 5X has been allegedly speckled during POSTEL, an group for Indonesia that certifies telecom products. It has been found that this Xiaomi phone is not using on MIUI skin.

Also, a outline of a smartphone discuss that it is a dual-SIM phone and a program is grown by Google. It serve states that Android One gives entrance to reward confidence facilities and apps from Google. This is a transparent denote that Google might shortly launch a Xiaomi Android One smartphone in a nearby future.

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A puzzling Xiaomi smartphone named Xiaomi Mi A1 has been recently speckled on RF acceptance page of Xiaomi. It is expected that this Xiaomi Mi A1 could be a arriving Android One smartphone from a Chinese firm. And, it appears that this phone could be desirous from a new Xiaomi Mi 5X smartphone. POSTEL inventory has suggested that a smartphone has a 5.5-inch full HD shade and a indication series is MDG2. The RF acceptance had suggested that a indication series of Xiaomi MI A1 is MDG2.

There is no acknowledgment on when a purported phone would be unveiled. The Android O is slated to get announced on Aug. 21. More information on a launch of Android O or in a entrance weeks.

At a start of this year, a news had flush that settled that Google would be bringing a Android One plan to a U.S. The news had also suggested that a U.S. firm Android One smartphone would be entrance around a center of this year and it would be labelled around $200 to $300. There is a probability that a Android One Xiaomi smartphone could be a initial phone from a association to land in a U.S. markets.


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